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 All the wonders of Israeli medicine - for you!

Nowadays more and more people go abroad for medical services. The reasons for this are different: someone needs vital and essential treatment that cannot be provided at home, someone wants to combine treatment and rest, and someone is attracted by the level of services and individual approach unattainable in the country of residence. Thousands of patients from around the world find all these in Israel.

Outside of Israel, they say that the local medicine works wonders. We are ready to turn into reality the wonders of the 21st century backed by years of research, revolutionary inventions, talented and caring doctors for you.


Our services


  • Diagnosis and treatment in Israel on individual programs, taking into account all your needs and wishes
  • “Check up” program – express diagnosis
  • “Second opinion” on various health issues
  • Consultation and treatment (operations, different procedures) by Israeli experts at the place of residence of the patient
  • Tourist services

The application for treatment in Israel

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