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About us

ShagMed specializes in the organization of medical services for citizens visiting Israel for the purpose of disease diagnosis and treatment. We guarantee each of our clients the best possible medical care, individual approach of international experts, highest level of services, continuous support by our employees throughout the entire stay in Israel, maximum attention and sympathetic attitude.

ShagMed focuses not on a massive flow of patients but on the quality of service and comfort of our clients, so we offer diagnosis and treatment based on individual programs, taking into account all your needs and wishes.

We work with a large number of medical institutions and specialists. Clinics and doctors are selected only after a careful study of the patient medical records taking into account his/her individual characteristics. Extensive experience in the field of public health (over 30 years), in-depth knowledge of capabilities and strengths of all health centers and personal acquaintance with the leading experts in the various fields of Israeli medicine allow us to choose clinics most appropriate for the treatment of each patient and most experienced doctors who specialize in his/her disease.


Organization from A to Z


Services provided prior to arrival to Israel: 

·         Free consultation

·         Preliminary calculation of the treatment cost

·         Preparation and completion of documents

·         Hotel reservation or apartment rent

·         Patient pre-registration for consultation and examination.


Services in Israel

  • Meeting at the airport (by a car of any class with a personal driver), VIP-meeting is available,
  • Critically ill patients can be transported to Israel by plane of air medical service and taken to the hospital by ambulance car
  • Services of a professional caregiver during the entire period of treatment and hospitalization (if necessary and if desired)
  • Possibility of hospitalization in a de luxe ward,
  • Transfer for consultations and procedures,
  • Continuous escort by a translator,
  • Organization of excursions,
  • Obtaining medical documents and their translation from Hebrew,
  • Escort to the airport.


When the patient returns home, we continue to maintain contact with him/her (if necessary) and are always open for questions.



The application for treatment in Israel

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