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Diseases of the cardiovascular system are one of the most common causes of death among working-age people. For example, coronary heart disease is manifested by angina, or myocardial infarction. Infarction is an acute, life-threatening condition. And in this case everything depends on how quickly and correctly medical care will be provided at the prehospital stage and then in the hospital. The cause of coronary heart disease is coronary atherosclerosis. So what’s to be done? 

It is important to be examined by a cardiologist without delay. These are routine methods: a blood test for cholesterol and its fractions, electrocardiogram, heart ultrasound and of course coronary angiogram. Only after this complete examination it is possible to choose the tactics of treatment, to decide whether it will be medication or surgery. In Ukraine, coronary angiography is performed in regional centers and major cities. In the context of a systematic health care reform can we be confident in the quality of this service and its availability? Apparently we cannot. And the fact that it is not free, we know automatically. For some reason, it is assumed that coronary heart disease is common in middle-aged and elderly population. 

Unfortunately, heart attack, and a stroke as well, becomes younger and younger. Timely competent treatment will help save your work capacity and quality of life; of course such treatment is better to perform in good clinics. That’s why, Israel, because the highest quality and maximum safety are guaranteed there. 

Cardiology is not only a coronary heart disease. There is well-known hypertension. We call it essential hypertension. And the reasons for high blood pressure are too many. Therefore, if you have been looking for the cause and struggling with hypertension for a long time and unsuccessfully, it is time to undergo a thorough examination. 

Competent specialists of Israeli clinics will draw up an individual examination plan for you and will decide on adequate treatment. 

Consultation of doctors and processing of your available medical records are completely free of charge there. 

Pediatric cardiology is a large, separate issue. We'll talk about it in the section of Pediatrics. 

Another very common problem is acquired heart disease in adults. Treatment is strictly individual. And the timing of valve replacement surgery is very important. It is possible to solve these issues very successfully with maintaining the quality of life. Let’s compare the number of heart surgeries performed in Ukraine each year and the number of such surgeries in Israel. I think the choice is not in favor of our clinics. I put it another way. Such treatment requires high-tech equipment. Do we know with what are our hospitals equipped? Should I trust my heart to our exhausted medicine? 


Take a STEP and be healthy.

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