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Gynecology is a branch of medicine that studies diseases that occur only in women, in the first place – diseases of the reproductive (genital) system.

It is especially necessary to emphasize the fact that gynecology studies not only diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system, but what is more important it deals with their prevention. 

One of the sections of gynecology is obstetrics. Obstetricians are involved in the processes occurring in a woman’s life during conception, gestation, birth and postnatal period, as nature has awarded a woman with an amazing ability of childbirth. Now obstetrics and gynecology are so closely intertwined and inseparable from each other that they merged into a single specialization. The main task of the obstetrician-gynecologist is to preserve women’s health. 

Gynecology deals with women’s health since childhood. Therefore, there is children’s gynecology. Hormonal disorders in childhood and adolescence are rather common. Diagnosis and treatment are difficult. Quite often young women refer to the experts because of infertility when the problem comes from the childhood. Moms, future and present, be attentive to your health and the health of your little daughter. You want to become a grandmother someday, don’t you? 

In general, girls, young girls, moms, grandmothers should all be under the watchful eye of the gynecologist. 

Inflammatory diseases, hormonal disorders, infertility, ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis, uterine bleeding of varying etiology, and tumors of the cervix, ovaries. That is not a complete list of diseases with which women refer to the gynecologist. In Israel, these illnesses are successfully treated according to international standards. Operative gynecology is worth special attention. Since the Israeli experts widely use minimally invasive, sparing surgery. It means that they remove only the node, but not the entire uterus, as often do we, especially in women older than 45 years. Israeli gynecological oncology is one of the strongest in the world. No one would argue about it. 

Another very important and very difficult problem is in vitro fertilization. After undergoing all possible and impossible methods of infertility treatment, the couple decides to perform artificial insemination. Israel is a safe place for it. 


Dear women, take a step towards high-quality medicine.

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