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Oncology - diagnosis or a death sentence? 

In fact, of course, diagnosis. Yes, terrible, yet it is the diagnosis.

It became a death verdict for us for many reasons. It is caused in no small part due to our thoughtless attitude towards our health. How often do we visit a doctor for preventive purposes? Not quite often, and, well, unless the company makes us undergo a periodic health examination. Do you know what one woman said having undergone a surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy? “Girls go for check-ups.”

Malignant neoplasm or cancer, regardless of the site, is characterized by uncontrolled growth and a tendency to metastasize, i.e. to spread throughout the body.

When the tumor is local, and there are no metastases, treatment success is guaranteed.

Therefore, for the diagnosis not to become a sentence it is necessary to determine it as soon as possible at the preclinical stage when nothing disturbs. It is paramount! The most important thing is early detection and all over again early detection! Oncology of any location identified at an early stage is the key to successful treatment. So what’s to be done?

Universal tip: Love yourself. Learn to understand your body, it will give a cue.

Oncological diseases in their progressive course are systemic and affect one way or another all human organs and systems.

There is gynecological oncology, oncourology, oncohematology, oncomammology and others.

In fact, a primary tumor or metastasis can be anywhere in the body.

Methods of treatment of tumors:

  •    Surgical – an operation
  •     Medication – chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
  •   In Israel, all areas of oncology are at the highest level, both diagnosis, and all treatments. Do not wait. 

Take a STEP towards high-quality medicine. 

Once if you remember, we were divided into organized and unorganized population. The enterprises conducted free medical check-ups; we were under continuous follow-up, and at the least health was under control.

Unorganized population also underwent free examination in polyclinics at the place of residence.

It is undeniable, if not the only positive side of the Soviet medicine. Now it’s almost all gone. If you are drowning, you are on your own. You will have to control your health by yourself.

The system of family doctors, namely zemsky doctors, is clearly not justified now. In the era of nanotechnology, we are back in the nineteenth century. A check-up has replaced periodical medical examinations.

What is the check-up? It is an individually developed program of examinations and consultations with the preventive purpose. This procedure can be carried out for all family members, both adults and young and elderly. You can combine it with a visit to the holy places. After all – it’s a great opportunity to see the Holy Sepulcher, to visit Bethlehem and much, much more.

Domestic medicine should theoretically enable each of us to undergo a check-up. 

But is it really? What kind of equipment is in your district clinic? Can your family (district) doctor read an electrocardiogram? 

Pondering? Now you understand. Private hospitals. They are beautiful, comfortable, there are no queues. But doctors are from the same familiar hospitals. And the prices? Where the main purpose is to upsell the patient to the uttermost? 

The conclusion is obvious, but it is up to you to decide. And we, SHAG med, will help you make a decision. Doctor’s consultations on the check up in Ukraine are for free. We together with you will define a problem, choose a clinic. Get wants and needs met, health care and a wonderful vacation in the Holy Land. By the way, the water in the Mediterranean Sea in Israel is never lower than 20 degrees. 

Take a STEP towards your health.



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