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Ophthalmology is an area of medicine that studies the eye, its anatomy, physiology and diseases, as well as develops methods for treatment and prevention of eye diseases. 

Taking into account the daily use of computers both in office work and in all other areas of life, eye strain has been significantly increased, which resulted in an increased incidence. 

Pathological conditions that lead to a deterioration in visual functions may be associated with impaired transparency of ocular media (the most common disease is cataract), elevated intraocular pressure – glaucoma, changes in the eye optical characteristics, inflammation, traumas, degenerative and neoplastic processes both in the organ and in the visual pathways. 

The most modern diagnostic equipment in Israeli hospitals allows undergoing a comprehensive diagnosis, consulting a highly qualified doctor, and choosing the right method of treatment. Recently a lot of new technologies, using ultrasound and laser, have been put into practice, modified surgeries and microsurgical instruments have been developed. Their advantage is a minimally invasive intervention that, firstly, minimizes the probability of any complications, secondly, reduces significantly the recovery period, and thirdly provides a long therapeutic effect. Both adults and pediatric ophthalmology is open for you in Israel. 

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