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Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that studies anatomy and physiology of the child's body in different age periods. 

Pediatrics examines the causes and mechanisms of childhood diseases and develops methods for their treatment. Pediatrics in Ukraine fell into the millstone of permanent reforms, when children's clinics were closed, and it took 3 months to make a family doctor from a highly specialized doctor both for adults and infants. Go to mummies’ forums, you will understand. They managed somehow to cope with routine illnesses, with doctors becoming prescribers, not healers. 

Two woes haunt our children: complete incompetence and an incredible amount of prescribed medications. What to do? Everything is clear, until the child is ill. And God forbid, something serious. It is beyond doubt that you will get short of money. But the big question whether or not the correct diagnosis will be made and proper treatment prescribed. 

Unfortunately, more and more children suffer from “adult” diseases. And the worst thing is children's oncology, leukemia, lymphoma. In Israel, the problem will be resolved, depending on the stage of the disease. The earliest treatment is the key to successful treatment. Bone marrow transplantation is a very expensive operation. But our Ukrainian tradition is to help. 

Every little help, and the child is saved! Remember, there are experts in the world who can save! 


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