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Medical rehabilitation is a complex of therapeutic and preventive measures, aimed at the maximum possible recovery of the patient’s lost ability after various diseases. 

The rehabilitation process is based on the individual patient, requires his/her motivation, interaction with the physician and intensive efforts to achieve the goals. The most important task of rehabilitation is to return the patient to his/her usual social environment. For best results, rehabilitation treatment should begin immediately after the stabilization of the vital functions of the body in the setting of a specialized rehabilitation center. 

An active approach and maximum intensity of rehabilitation treatment ensure optimum recovery of the lost functions with maximum speed and best quality. Early activation and mobilization of the patient in combination with other types of preventive measures significantly reduce the risk of complications, including life-threatening. 

Severe injuries, malformations, post-stroke state, neurosurgical operations, and many other diseases require an obligatory stage of rehabilitation. In fact, after conservation of life it is also necessary to maintain its quality. In the course of many years of practice Israeli doctors accumulated a wealth of experience in intensive medical rehabilitation of patients and those suffered from the most severe injuries of various body systems. The rehabilitation service phased system, equipped with the most modern technology, was created. The highly professional multidisciplinary staff of the highest academic level was trained for all rehabilitation specializations. Effective methods of rehabilitation treatment were developed. 


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