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Urology is the area of clinical medicine that studies etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis of diseases of the urinary system, male reproductive system diseases, adrenal gland disorders developing methods of their treatment and prevention. 

Urology focuses mainly on issues of surgical treatment of the above-mentioned organs. There are a number of areas in urology: andrology, urogynecology, pediatric urology, oncourology, and others. 

Oncourology. It is the most common reason with which our compatriots refer to doctors in Israel. 

Oncourology lies at the junction of urology itself and oncology. Oncourologists treat kidney cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, testicular tumors and tumors of the penis; together, these diseases account for a large part of diseases of a urologic character. The leading method of treatment of oncourological diseases is surgical, but chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy are also used. 

Israeli clinics have urological departments, engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases. They are equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. They use minimally invasive (sparing), organ-sparing (seeking to preserve the organ affected with the tumor, removing only the tumor), surgeries, endoscopic technique that allows reducing the time spent in the hospital, respectively, reducing the cost of treatment. 

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